Reporting, support, case management and analytics in one platform.


Know when unacceptable behaviour has taken place in your organisation by giving people a simple and secure way to speak out confidentially, with the option for anonymity.


Give people the support they need when they need it by signposting them to relevant articles, tracking case outcomes and providing direct support to those who give their name.


Gain actionable insights, learn more about your culture and identify patterns of behaviour through real-time reporting contained in a customisable dashboard.


Activate positive and lasting cultural change by implementing proactive and preventative measures, targeted campaigns and training initiatives – all informed by the data you collect.

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You can book an introductory call or send a message to the Culture Shift team and see first-hand how our system can power a positive culture shift in your organisation.

Knowledge base

Find out everything you need to know about Culture Shift’s products and services within this useful collection of guides and articles.
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